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last updated: Apr 18 2015 5:53 PM

Wisconsin budget panel approves oversight for police use of military vehicles
A provision being added to the state budget would require more oversight of how police use military vehicles and other equipment. Many local police forces have been obtaining military equipment, such as armored vehicles, through a federal program. State Representative Dale Kooyenga (R-Brookfield), an Iraq war veteran, worries about how and where it’s being used […]

UW chancellor Blank proposes job and program cuts
UW-Madison chancellor Rebecca Blank announced a package of drastic program and staffing cuts on Friday, as a response to Governor Scott Walker’s $300 million, two-year cut to the University of Wisconsin System. “Our $36 million plan includes $21 million in budget cuts and redirects an additional $15 million from other campus units to our overall […]

Dane County prosecutor still reviewing Tony Robinson shooting
The Dane County district attorney says his review of the officer-involved shooting of an unarmed biracial teen continues, and he will give at least 48 hours of public notice before announcing his decision. In a statement released Friday, DA Ismael Ozanne said he just received the last reports in the case on Monday and held […]

Humans not at risk from Avian flu, domestic poultry affected
A state spokesperson says the current outbreak of Avian flu in Wisconsin is not likely a threat to humans, but it is a threat to domestic poultry. Fourty birds in a backyard flock in Juneau county and 126,000 turkeys in a commercial setting have been affected so far. Raechelle Cline from the Department of Ag, […]

Henley settles suit with Wisconsin company over shirt
A founding member of The Eagles has settled a lawsuit he filed against a Wisconsin-based apparel retailer, which alleged trademark infringement. Don Henley filed suit last October in federal court, after the Duluth Trading Company of Belleville advertised a pullover shirt it called the “Henley.” The ad told shoppers to “Don a Henley, and take […]




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